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About Us

Our story comes from a deep love and appreciation of the Saudi culture. As a Saudi based company we thrive to showcase our culture in the most profound and creative ways possible.

With long experience in many different fields in hospitality and events management to cultural informative and entertainment experiences, we aim to be the ‘Go to’ place when you visit Saudi

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“Women Are the Architects of the Desert”

Founder, CEO Sadu Creative

In Arabia, since the beginning of time, women weaved their way into the desert life, wether in making tents, goods or moving to one place to another..

 I have been very close to cultural rituals and understanding from a young age. This gave me the appreciation and wanting to celebrate that culture.

As a designer, to be able to create a bussines that would reflect my culture in an informative innovative and entertaining experience is truly amazing.. 

My passion drives me to grow in ways that help understand the beauty of the real Saudi soul to whoever experience it..


What we do

Aspects of creativity


Sadu Escape

Full cultural experience  in a raw nomadic space

Cultural Events design and management 

Local & International representation of Saudi culture  in events

The Boutique
Corporate Gifts


Carefully curated giveaways

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